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Re: MRI thoracic/cervical region HELP

I don't have my MRI's with me but I know that it was a Siemens MRI. When I get back to FL. I'll pull it up & give you the info. I Googled the Tesla 1.5 & although it's new, it says it's mainly used for people who are claustrophobic & gives a quicker scan. I know that while I had the pain pump, that was the only one they could use or the MRI would be a big blast of light. (which happened @ the hospital) If the "podunk town" I lived in had these, I'm sure where you live will.
If you were to get another opinion, why would any new Dr. have to know all of your prior history right off the bat? If you want another Dr.'s opinion on your current films, then do just that. I've learned (that he hard way) that most Dr's can only concentrate on one problem at a time. After all, they're human too!!! Most are anyway!!!
Try to concentrate on getting "your game face on" for your upcoming surgery.