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Re: Arthritis in foot & ankle Need advice

Happy New Year Ann,

I have had arthritis in my feet and ankles for over 20 years. The orthotics are a great help and when the bones of my feet get locked(really, they sometimes won't move or bend at all) I have a chiropractor who can loosen them up again. I totally sympathize with your pain from the plantar fascitis. I had it in both feet at once a number of years ago(after a long day running a dance clinic for 200 little girls) and it took over 6 months to finally clear up. I am a teacher also, so it was agonizing. Have you had any physical therapy sessions to learn stretches? I found the one where you set the ball of your foot against a wall and lean in to be uncomfortable but very helpful. I also bought a couple of small flat ice packs and a pair of those ugly old-man slippers with a firm sole and not only iced when I got home from work but wore the ice packs and slippers to bed. It cut the pain so I could fall asleep and really helped. I still wear the slippers since they keep the weight of the blankets off my arthritic toes. In the end, what finally did the trick was a week-long boring conference that kept me completely off my feet-just long enough to get me finally healing. Here's hoping that this Christmas break has given your sore foot some rest and healing. Keep up with the anti-inflammatories every day until this is over. They are not just for pain-they help with swelling and with the inflammation that will move your arthritis along faster.

And if you haven't already seen a rheumatologist, get a referral and see one.I have been under the care of a terrific rheumatologist for over 20 years and for most of that time have had my arthritis(both osteo and inflammatory) under good control. There are over 200 kinds of arthritis and you should have someone who can give you the most skilled care. Even now with two partial knee replacements I have minimal pain in the rest of my joints(other than thumbs) due to well managed medications.

I just got on this board a short while ago when I knew I would be having surgery for my thumb arthritis and have posted mostly on another site that is especially for knee problems, but I know from going through things with friends on line who share the same problems that it really makes all the difference. Keep posting and all of us can help each other through the tough times when you just don't want to burden your family with more worries.