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Re: Shoulder pain

Originally Posted by bigdiesel717 View Post
The pain is probably a 5. What does the pain of spurs feel like in your shoulder?
Actually, the bone spurs themselves don't seem to create the pain for me. The issue is the shredding of the tendons by the spurring that causes the pain once the damage gets to a point where a "tear" occurs. My orthopedic doctor removed the spurs that were present when the surgery on the rotator cuff was performed. That makes the joint smoother and helps with movement.
I equate my pain levels like my kidney stones were a 9. So my shoulder pain was about a 6. The pain was the most severe when I tried to raise my arm above my shoulder, which I could not do.
If the pain is associated with movement or lifting it could be rotator cuff damage. If it is constant, intense, pain even when you aren't moving the arm there are other possibilities. At any rate you need to have your shoulder evaluated as the damage can be progressive and the longer you wait the worse it will get.
Have it looked at.