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Wink Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story (Janet20)

Originally Posted by Exodus7777777 View Post
I posted once briefly re: my fear of this surgery and whether I would be able to play piano ever again, etc. I think I also asked about dealing with this surgery since I live alone.

Thanks to all of you who responded to these issues, as I have been reading your replies, but have not been able to respond as logging in again was glitchy and I finally had to change my password. I am SO GRATEFUL for your input . . . sooo many tips were helpful and allowed me to plan ahead for things I wasn't expecting.

Speaking of nerve blocks . . . I had a contracture (trigger finger) repaired 5 yrs ago with no block, just a local as I had just moved and planned to drive myself home after---the worst part was the tourniquet---excruciating! The nerve block for the trapeziectomy was fine until afterward, for the 40+ hours before it wore off . . . YIKES If you're expecting to have a nerve block, be sure they discharge you with an ADULT-sized sling. My sling was child-sized and my arm kept jumping out (literally) my poly-neuropathy felt very violated/abused being surgerized

All seriousness aside - I think my already unoperated rotator-cuff was strained or sprained as the scapular pain sometimes screams louder than what's happening in my hand.

I think my splint needs to be re-molded soon, too, after the New Year break, as the part that wraps around my thumb feels like it digs into the base of it. It's the part that's swollen around where the trapezium used to be, although I think the arnica is reducing the swelling a tad, or maybe it's the next level of exercises that I began today

My surgery was on 12/5/12 - so I'm coming up on a month this weekend . . . must say, it's gone quickly . . . helped out a bit at first by an escaped suture on one end and incision not knitting together well at the other . . . the original dressing was very tight . . . unnecessary bruising, in my non-medical opinion . . . oh well . . . all in all, I've felt very encouraged and supported by CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) that I've seen and another professional formerly in that field that I've connected with online.

A Happy 2013 to all of you, and again, thanks for posting your journeys online for the rest of us to learn from and identify with

Hi Exodus,
Glad your surgery is over and so happy this site helped. It really helped me too but I wish I had logged on sooner. Take care and hope you continue to improve and are able to play the piano.