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Re: do i have herpes?

Originally Posted by mc7 View Post
Well, not to freak you out, but there are indeed some skin viruses that can be transmitted sexually or non-sexually. It's possible to get molluscum contagiosum just from touching something after someone (like a towel). HPV and HSV require direct skin contact, saliva or mucus. These things exist, but these are not at all likely what you are talking about.

The bumps you are talking about are probably just your "Fordyce's spots". These are the normal, natural form that the sebaceous glands of the thin, hairless skin of the penis take. It seems like they get more noticeable in early/mid adolescence, but then they become less noticeable again with age.

But it's nothing to worry about. For a number of reasons:
1 Everyone has them. They're just more or less noticeable from person to person.
2 They probably aren't even very noticeable to another person.
3 Unlike a pimple, they aren't inflamed or infected. They just have a lot of fat stored in the spot. (Don't try to "pop" them. Nothing good will happen. You might even scar your skin.)
4 If they're just Fordyce spots, they'll probably become less noticeable in time no matter what you do.

It might help to eat (at least slightly) better by avoiding trans-fats (hydrogenated oils). trans-fats are unhealthy for a lot of more important reasons as well. Other foods that make the skin greasy seem to make Fordyce's spots more noticeable too (trans-fat, peanuts, etc.).
thank you very much
i was really worried.