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Unhappy Re: Lasik Wavefront. No improvement after 1 week - reassurance please!

I am hoping my feelings are going to change about having this Lasik..I am 13 days post op and can see a little change ie watching TV, things from distance okish, although the road sign are still quite a blur until driving past. The thing that has annoyed me the most is although I saw the Optometrist (i think) the day after the op (every thing tip top) I have had to wait till 12 Jan for the next visit. This is nearly 1 month for a check up. I was told that appointments were fully booked up until then (thought we were supposed to after follow up 1 week after etc... I have recently noticed that I have a clear spot of mucus on my eye near the cornea no pain or blurriness but still.., which has freaked me out, so I phone up the company this morning and was told that I would have to wait till tomorrow and could I visit my own GP. I have learnt a valuable lesson and that is do not book anything similair to this during holiday session, I would have also thought that they surely should have a guy on stand by, like dentsits after all it is SURGERY. Sorry for the moaning but like a lot of folk, I am starting to feel maybe should of read up a little more. Hopefuly I will be feeling a lot more up beat after tomorrow.

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