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Re: Need advice - husband is addicted to Percocet

I asked him yesterday when he was going to run out of his pills. He told me that he was going to run out on time. I told him I didn't believe him and that I had counted his pills. He said that he was going down to only taking 2 a day so he wouldn't run out. When I told him that I was having trouble believing him he got defensive and said that he would handle it.
I found the pill bottle yesterday evening and he only had 39 pills left out of 90 which was filled a little after lunch time on the 27th. That's around 8-10 a day. even if he took 2 a day for the rest of the month he would run out 11 days early. Thus begins the endless cycle of running out too soon, trying to get pills from somewhere else, saying he is done with them because he is in withdrawal and feels terrible, then getting the pills again and feeling good and taking too many and running out too soon.