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Re: Help - Severe, Chronic Sinusitis, my story


Thank you so much for responding. I've seen your messages on other threads and you seem to be very knowledgeable in this area. I can't thank you enough for responding.

I actually live in the Chicago area now, and its funny that you mention Northwestern because I've been reccomended a couple of doctors there, but am now considering the NW Sinus Center based on your rec.

I was wondering if you could help with another question.

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction done 3 months ago and have been worse off ever since.

About a month ago I started getting blood clots in my nose, every morning. I can hardly breathe through my nose and my ears are in pain. But it's not just blood, it's mucus, blood and what I think might be scar tissue. Huge chunks of this stuff lodged way up in my nose and I can only blow it out in the morning. But then I've read that blowing my nose so much is what's causing the bleeding. I literally blow this stuff out every morning for the past month or two. What can I do?

I also live in a rather unclean apartment as far as the air quality, and I seem to be very sensitive to things like dry heat and air quality.

I know this is a lot of information anything you can tell me would help...