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Re: Hydrocodone Taper

Hey man,

Thanks a lot for the kind feedback. It is all good.
The hydro is all I am taking. The doctor has been on board with me doing this, but his method seems like a little too fast for me. I swear some of these doctors just don't know what they are talking about unless they walked that mile in our moccasins.
I don't have any other medical issues. Just taking the hydro.

I take them mostly at night between 4 and midnight.

As I said before I am taking 4 tablets of 5/500 a day.
I have plenty to do a taper and the will power to do it. To tell you the gods honest truth, if I take more than 4 I get sick.
What I was hoping to find was someones advice that went through it that I could also follow that could really help me out. A structured schedule. Some say drop every 3 days, but I like at least a week between drops.

Has anyone ever seen or ever posted a "schedule" like this before, again I apologize but really appreciate the help. As much as I trust my doctor, I love to hear the opinions of others who have been in the same boat. I trust their "kinship"

Thanks man!