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Re: going through the basal joint surgery process - my story (Janet20)

Hi ladies!
Sorry I haven't posted much since my surgery. The cast had my arm in a weird position and could only type with one hand.
My cast came off and stitches out last Thurs (27 Dec). Now I just have a spica splint that I can remove only to shower. The pain I have now is tolerable but the incision and thumb are feel irritated and have a burning sensation. I haven't seen my surgeon since before the surgery. He has been on holiday leave. I would love to talk to him and find out why my surgery took twice as long as expected! The surgeon I saw for my follow up last thurs wasn't even my dr. He couldn't tell me anything except my incision looked good and free of infection. he didn't even touch my hand. I have no idea if everything is healing well. Im hoping to see MY dr on 28 Jan. Hopefully, he will order xrays to track progress.

I am rambling...but it feels good to vent to people who know what Im talking about. Thank you so much for all the help and info you have provided here. I appreciate the concern and compassion you all have given!

The surgery started very late. Showtime was 8, surgery was supposed to be at 930 but didn't begin until after 11. The techs and nurses had a hard time inserting my IV. They collapsed 3 veins. The anesthesiologist had to do it himself. I absolutely hated that part!! We didn't leave the hospital until almost 5 pm. My husband immediately took me to Dunkin Donuts

I waited too long to take the percocet. I only took one at a time (at first). What really helped me was when I would take 1 or 2 percocet and then ibuprophen (advil) 2 hours later. I couldn't believe the difference that made. I just had to make sure I had a full stomach when I took the ibuprophen...otherwise it would give me a belly ache.

My son is doing ok with this. A couple of times he hurt me, but of course, not on purpose. A couple of days ago, while trying to change his diaper, he locked his legs around my wrist and hand. It hurt so bad that I saw stars and was dizzy. Poor lil guy didn't know any better. Mostly, he kisses my brace and says "feel better mommy?"

Since the surgery, I have been sleeping on the couch to ensure my hand stays elevated. My husband made me a special pillow I haven't had any issues with extreme swelling. After about a week, the swelling started to subside. My swollen hand looked so weird! I sent my husband out looking for arnica, but didn't find it. I was okay with that, though.

The shower sleeve he bought me was a huge mistake! It was so painful to put on and take off. it would squeeze my cast. So glad that thing is gone.

So how is everyone doing? Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and wishing you a wonderful 2013!!! Heal fast, ladies!!


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