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Originally Posted by nola View Post
If you take this, can you please tell me your thoughts on it? My neuro wants to prescribe it for me but I'm worried to take it without having a diagnosis or knowing what's causing my symptoms. If you take it, have you experienced any bad side effects? Does it help you at all? I have heard bad things about it and not sure I want to take it. My neuro is waiting to hear back from me on it before she prescribes it.

Thanks for any input!
I take gabapentin. At first I was told I could take an infinite number of tablets to ease pain. However, I stopped with 5, 600mg tabs a day. Then my prostate caused my kidneys to back [unbeknownest to me,] causing a hypertensive crisis and kidney failure.

Once I recovered [nearly died] my nephrologist told me to take no more than 2, 600 mg tabs a day. Well, I stopped gabapentin for several months to allow my kidneys to recover, and now I take no more than 2 tablets each day. That seems to be good, and the pain is controlled with 30mg of morphine and extra strength tylenol and .1mg of Ativan. I take the tylenol, gaba and ativan twice a day, with a 15mg IR morphine at bedtime. My pain along with exercise and diet seems to be under control. For the really bad, breakthrough days, I can take up to 3, 15mg IR morphines, and I make good use of the OTC neuropahty creams. One cream is as good as the other so long as there is Caspian in the formula.

Id' not worry about the gaba, Try it and see what your think!