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Re: Newly Wed Honeymoon Definitely Over

I don't believe anyone is too tired all the time to have sex, unless there is a medical/health problem. Does she have one? It's more likely that she's not enjoying the sex, and thus, she does not have a sexual urge that overpowers normal fatigue.

So, why does she not enjoy sex if she used to . . . I doubt it has anything to do with you having become legally blind. A significant mutation of your body might be a cause, but not legal blindness. I think you may be on to something with the "unflattering" angle. Women quite often combine their perception of their physical bodies with their sense of sexuality. If she has gained weight, for example, that could certainly be what's causing her to avoid sex altogether.

I wouldn't take this as a sign that the sexual side of your marriage is doomed. But, if she won't open up about it, I would keep insisting that she work on being more communicative. If you try to ignore it or stuff it down silently, the resentment itself could actually doom the marriage. Perhaps she would feel more comfortable talking to a couples' therapist.