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Re: Chronic Fatigue?

Originally Posted by melody1 View Post
I think you have been totally misinformed and you still do not get the fact as to what it is. A rose is a rose - so since people say chronic fatigue knowing that they have knowledge and mean CFS. And some countries call it ME. I think that over the years , whatever name you want to give it, countries and people have been together to try to find a link. I met the requirements for disability with an excellent lawyer , background of CFS, for my CFS more than 15 years ago. This symptom totally changes a persons life - you no longer are 'you'.
I understand ME/CFS alright. I have spent the last 15 years working with people with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Multiple chemical sensitivity. I appreciate that you can call any illness anything you like as long as we all know what you mean. However when it comes to researching and diagnosing the illness it is important to know what we are dealing with. "Chronic fatigue" is a symptom of many illnesses. In addition, there are many causes of chronic fatigue. It is very important that medical practitioners do not think that ME/CFS is "chronic fatigue". Fatigue is only one symptom of ME/CFS, in fact some people with ME/CFS do not have a significant fatigue problem they may have "post exertional malaise" which does not necessarily produce fatigue.

My point about the listing of ME/CFS under "Chronic Fatigue" is that it adds to this confusion and suggests that ME/CFS is "chronic fatigue" a confusion inherent in the "Oxford" criteria sometimes used in Britain and this has minimized the seriousness of the illness and fostered faulty and unhelpful therapies such as GET and over-emphasized the value and applicability of CBT.