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Depressed needing ADVICE

Hello I am 20 male, gay from the United States. I have been reading a couple of post's off this forum it is sad too see so many of us gay people be on this HIV fear boat. It makes me feel sad.. I have seen some answers but I guess I wont be at ease until I post my own question. I made a foolish mistake around June. I got sexually active with a guy I had just met. He gave me a BJ that lasted for about 15 minutes so it was pretty long IDK if that adds to the risk. 2 weeks later I got some hiv symptoms but I didn't think much of it.

SYMPTOMS WERE : vertigo, stomach pains, skin rashes, POUNDING HEADACHES, and swollen armpits.

Soon the symptoms left only leaving skin rashes, the rashes have continued since exposure.

A while ago I decided I should test for std's at the local clinic, 2 weeks past and I revisited the doctor for my results and I was negative in the common std's. What he said was I should test for HIV now since rashes are a major symptom of HIV. I didn't think much of it and said I don't think that is the problem and declined the test. But now that I have been doing my research it is true I might Have it. I am so scared right now, I haven't been able to sleep. I feel my world collapsing on me. It is very possible I have contracted HIV due to the fact I was negative in the std tests yet I had all those symptoms. I am a virgin but have had oral sex.



AND would symptoms that were being showed 2 weeks after being infected be the same through the infection? Or would they have stopped and not returned? My rashes have been the same since 2 weeks after exposure, no change

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