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Re: Depressed needing ADVICE

Originally Posted by Apollo123 View Post
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Well HIV has no specific symptoms, so you so called symptoms are typical of many things including stress and anxiety.

As for your risk zero - period. In a basic term, all he has done is kiss your penis not your mouth and as your aware, HIV is not passed on via kissing because HIV is not active in salvia. So you cannot be at risk of HIV and thats not a debating point its a fact.

Before you say " what about the symptoms", no idea mate, you need to work with your doctor on that and maybe a better doctor if you have made it clear you have not had unprotected sex and he belives you could be at risk of HIV from what you did.

Best of luck resovling your health issues.
Thank you for a easy to understand reply. I know I may seem a bit paranoid but for months iv gone through the same symptoms. I figured it was an std but now that I know it's not I'm thinking the worst. It can't be HIV..