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Is the doctor right? lab results

Hi... I am a fit and healthy 33 yo female in australia. For the past 4/5 months I have had extreme exhaustion, no loss of weight (even though working out daily), foggy memory/forgetfulness.

I went to doctor in November and he tested for thyroid (and everything else). My results came back as follows:

Free T4 = 12.8 (normal 9.0-25.0)
TSH = 16.15 (normal 0.5-5.00)
TG antibodies = 244 (normal <60)
TPO antibodies = >1300 (normal <60)

He said i probably had underactive thyroid and we were just delaying the inevitable but to re-test in a month.

I went back 21st December for re-test.

Free T4 = 12.0
TSH = 17.8
No antibody re-test

He said again even though TSH went up more, Free t4 hadnt dropped enough. He said my thyroid was making enough t4 but was working super super hard to do so...

He said again we were delaying, but re-test in 2 months.

I am over feeling this way, and if he is just delaying should I just start medication. My antibodies are off the chart which clearly means there is a problem- even I know this from my limited immunology units at university!...

Another related issue is that over the past 4 years I have had two false positive results for syphyillis which indicates (through research) that I have an auto-immune disease. Does this mean I've had this for 4 years? I have never been tested before, and have always put my tiredness down to shift work.

Any advice would be appreciated. Should I get a second opinion, or would it be suitable to wait two months for re-test?


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