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Basal Joint surgery

Seeing that the'' basal joint surgery, at least my story by Janet'' has been closed
I am replying to Cassie's post # 132. I hope this works & I have not gone against the board's rules.

Hi Cassie,

Great to hear that you are post surgery & you are on the way to healing.
For the irritation & burning of the incision & thumb you need to rub some non-perfumed cream onto that area as the skin & incision is very dry.You need to moisturize that dry skin after your shower & whenever you feel the need. This is a sign of healing so dont worry about it. Its all about the skin on the incision coming together. You can also rest your hand on an ice pack for the burning.

Arnica is for swelling & pain. It can be found in a drug store that sells homeopathic remedies. Traumeel made by the German company called ''Heel'' is even better. It contains the highest amount of arnica available.

My surgeon never gave me an xray after my op & also didnt touch my hand.
He did look at it though. The less the healing hand is touched & moved the better.
If you would be in terrible pain, it would mean that something is wrong. You dont seem to be in such pain, so if I was you, I would'nt worry.
Be patient with yourself & give yourself time to heel. Always remember we all heal at our own pace.

Great that you found the correct medication to relieve the pain, you will notice as the days go by, you will need less pain meds.

Good to know that you are managing with your little son. Its amazing what we women are able to do when we have to!!

I wish you a happy new year & good progress with your healing.

Please let us know how you are progressing.


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