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Re: Suggestions for First Doctor Visit?

Well, it didn't go well, as is to be expected.

While she was nice, she was very "this is what endo's think." She basically said that TSH is the ONLY test that is "reliable" and that is what they look at. She said that she didn't even really care about FT3 and FT4 because they weren't reliable. I asked if say in a couple of weeks if my FT4 dropped down to .7 (below the reference range) if that would make a difference in my treatment, and she said no. She also said the fact that my antibodies were high didn't mean anything now.

I could tell that in her mind that I was one of those "crazies" who goes on the Internet and does research. She said that we'd do an ultrasound, and she was totally surprised when my thyroid wasn't normal! It was cloudy on the ultrasound, meaning there was inflammation.

All she said then was that we would have to wait and watch. She put in an outstanding order for a TSH (only, and I wasn't even going to try and get her to do the others) test that I could do anytime.

She did say that since I'm young (25) that she would be willing to think about treatment if my TSH was between 3 and 4. In 2009, it was, so it's frustrating to think that if my other doctor had been more aware that I could have been getting treatment already.

I'm going to try and email my doctor again and see if with the ultrasound, he might be willing to treat me. I definitely don't want to just sit around and wait to get sicker.