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Exclamation I Don't Experience Hunger

So I decided recently that I need to find something to do about this because, though not problematic currently, I could see it sometime becoming an issue. The gist of it is: I don't get hungry or full.

Here I would like to note that I'm very healthy, 5'11"-6' and 158 pounds. My RHR is 47-53 and my body fat is at a low but still healthy level (I'm a swimmer). Basically, I'm in good shape despite this bizarre phenomenon.

It doesn't matter how long I go without eating, I don't feel hunger in a normal way. I eat based on meal times and depending on whether I'm at what I believe is a calorie deficit etc. The issue remains, I can and have (without actually realizing it) gone significantly over 24 hours without food and not been bothered at all. I eat sometimes when I'm bored because enjoying the taste is nice, but it's more of a "take it or leave it" feeling that could be similarly satisfied with a non-nutritional diet soda or something like that.

Alternatively, when I do eat, it does not matter how much food I consume, I don't get that full and satisfied feeling. I do however get that "I'm sick from so much food and I'm beginning to throw up" phenomenon. For example, I once ate two new large boxes of cereal (watching television or something), only realizing once I was on the verge of throwing up that I'd eaten more than my stomach could properly hold. Essentially, I only ever stop eating once I've begun because I 1) make a conscious decision that I've had an appropriate amount or 2) I feel as though I'm going to vomit. Note that I have no history of bulimia or anything; I've only actually thrown up a little once after eating more than my stomach could handle.

In summary, I never actually experience hunger and I never actually experience a satisfactory "full." Does anyone have an idea of what is going on? It's really inconvenient have no way of telling whether I've consumed enough aside from actually tracking calorie and nutrient intake.

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