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Re: Suggestions for First Doctor Visit?


You just summed up at least one endocrinologist visit experience that we all have had. I strongly recommend never going back to that one... I fired five endos. I finally got treatment from an integrative medicine internal medicine md. It took over two years to find this md. I had just turned 30.

There are MDs knowledgeable in thyroid care and management. This one was severely lacking and doesn't know that she should be blessing her stars not to be in my path. My analytical chemistry background and knowledge in the actual test results and methods comes in handy when lecturing an Endum like that.

Sorry you had to go through that... Truly I am. You might want to pole the board here. Start a new thread "looking for a thyroid md in xxxx, xx please help." We can share md names. I have two good ones in Chattanooga tn I can pass on if you are with in driving distance.

I went through seven before I found the group I am currently with. It is very common to have to dig and grovel until we find the care we deserve. It shouldn't have to be that hard unfortunately we have to slay our own dragons and quest for that perfect md to help us.

Don't give up hope. You have hundreds of years of experience lurking on this board. It is very active and all the members are willing to help when they can and actually understand what you are going through.

I swear my husband thought I was insane... But in the end I proved I was right. I was not normal! I was hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. Yes. It is a possible state to suffer in...

If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.

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