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Re: Basal Joint surgery

One thing I found helpful post cast removal:
a friend of mine sells a product "Sensaria". I have never bought anything , but use the free samples she sends me. Anyway, there is a mineral salt scrub product that i put on my hand and arm after the cast was removed. It is great! I use it in the shower...i rub it on, then rinse it off with a wash cloth. I has helped my skin so much. it exfoliates all of the dead skin and even cuticles from my fingernails. I highly recommend any kind of salt scrub like this.
Thanks, Haydena! I have been using lotion after the salt scrub, but i still have surgical tape over my incision that , hopefully, will fall off soon. I have a few different hand lotions at home that i will try. How have you been feeling?
Happy New Year and take care! Appreciate all of your help!