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Re: Inner Ankle Problem - Can you help?


I too am desperate for answers about my ankle. My pain sounds very similar to yours, and in the same place. 8 months ago I actually went through with the FDL transfer after suffering for 4 years with daily pain. (I am 28 years old, and I agree, too young to be unable to get a vigorous workout in).

Prior to my decision to have the transfer, I was with a doctor who administered two cortisone shots to my ankle, and it is believed that the second one blew out my tendon. No way to know for sure, I also bounced around to doctors who tried to guess what the answer should be, and similarly again, the MRIs were relatively inconclusive. The main difference between you and I is the awful atrophy (muscle and fat deterioration) in the area you described (inner ankle, behind, above, and along the bone).

It's possible we had the same issue before I had the cortisone injections, that was a terrible decision on my part. Maybe an FDL transfer will help you, unfortunately it did not completely clear up my problem, and my doctor now is discussing the possibility of "tendon debridement" to go back in and basically get rid of the problematic tendon completely.

I have never known anyone to have this exact issue and neither has my doctor or his colleagues. Maybe our issue is not the same, but please keep me updated on any new findings, AND IF ANYONE READING THIS HAS ANYTHING TO ADD PLEASE DO SO!!!

Thanks so much for reading