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vertigo attack and aftermath

Hi All,

First time I had an attack of vertigo was about six weeks ago. Very severe. Everything spinning. Uncontrollable vomiting. Had to be taken to the hospital and put on an IV. Severe vertigo subsided after a few days; but I remained very dizzy, nauseous, vision blurred, could barely walk.

Limited healthcare where I am right now so seeing a vestibular specialist is not an option. The doctor I did see, a GP, didn't see any problem with my ears or eyes. He thought my problem might be related to neck pain and referred me to an osteopath. I do suffer from severe chronic neck and back pain; but the osteopath told me he did not see a misalignment in the parts of the spine that can cause dizziness, only in the midback. So, although I do have very severe neck pain, it appears to be muscular, and the osteopath only deals with the spine. After the adjustment I did feel a bit better than before, but it didn't last.

I can see an improvement in my condition since the original vertigo attack, but it is happening very slowly, and it seems like there is some point of resistance I can't move past. I feel best for about the first hour after waking up; then as the day goes on the dizziness gets worse and I seem to get tired a lot more quickly than before. My eyes also seem to get tired quickly and sometimes a bit of blurriness or cloudiness comes on unexpectedly. It seems to cause me more trouble when the light dims or it gets dark.

I don't really know how to explain the sensation I'm left with. The spinning is gone, but every time I move my head, particularly when I move it to one side or the other, I have a feeling of dizziness which is often accompanied by nausea. It feels like there is a "heaviness" or "slow motion" when I move my head, like something is out of sync. I have noticed that if I force myself to be active despite the dizziness and nausea, there will usually be a short time afterwards where I feel somewhat more steady and "normal" but the dizziness and nausea always return.

Wondering if anyone here has experienced anything similar? Is it possible the original vertigo attack and the dizziness I still experience with head movements could be caused by my chronic neck and back problems?

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