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Re: Oooooh, bad tummy! Help!

In November I felt soooo nauseated all the time. No real constipation or diarrhea with it. Went to the Doc in the Box and he put me on Amoxicillin. Two days on that and all was cured. Ahhhh, felt great. Then......two weeks ago I had some bad cramping in my tummy for two days. No nausea, weakness, or anything..just some wicked, grab your tummy cramping in my lower tummy. I knew I was constipated, and tried to go, but could not.

By the third day I woke up with horrible nausea..horrible! I had to take some Dramamine to survive. Finally, so sick I went the the ER where they did a CAT scan and said I had a virus and that I would poop eventually. Their advice was to rest and let it solve itself.

However, for two weeks I still had the nausea and couldn't go! The nausea is soooo bad in the mornings. Tried several things to get things moving, but to no avail. So, did an enema and took some Magnesium Citrate last night and it did get things moving.

Still nauseated, still feel like crap (pardon the pun) and I am very afraid.

Any ideas how to cure this? What is this? Should I insist on a stool sample to check for a bacteria or parasite? (They said I would only have severe diarrhea with this). Could constipation make you this sick?

Thank you. I am at my wits end and want my life back.