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Re: Shoulder Pain from CTS

Oh, so that's something new for me to think about! Since I have an upcoming visit with a Neurosurgeon on Mon 1/7/13. Before I went to see him he wanted me to have an EMG/F Wave Study/Nerve Conduction study. That/those tests showed I have Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. I've been wondering if I had the Cervical Spine surgery like I'm sure he will suggest (I have several things going on in my neck, part of it is that my ventral cord/spinal cord is being flattened in 2 or 3 places) so I was wondering if I had the neck surgery would it possibly release the Ulnar and Median nerves and give me some relief in my hands (particularly my right hand) which has been numb, tingly, painful and losing fine motor skills as time goes by day by day?) And the brace I was given isn't making much of a difference any longer. So that is one of the questions I will ask the surgeon about...
"will the cervical surgery release the Unlnar and Median Nerves?" And help possibly help my CTS?