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Re: vertigo attack and aftermath

Welcome to the boards Goingeast and sorry to hear of your incident six weeks ago. Yes, your vertigo and dizziness can be from a neck, back or other mis-alignment issue. Although, the severity of the vertigo and dizziness that you first experienced is somewhat uncommon to be coming from a misalignment. I am not a medical professional so that it is just my opinion. It can also be from an ear problem such as crystals being lose (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV) or other inner ear problems.
Can you recall anything that may have happened when you first got dizzy? a fall, head injury, or anything that may have aggravated your neck or head? I wonder if you feel better in the morning because resting your head on the pillow or resting the offending part overnight relieves the pressure on it? Did the doctors put you on any medication to lessen the vertigo? SSRIs and other medicines can help with severe cases of vertigo/dizziness. If no medicines were prescribed, are you taking any over the counter supplements such as ginger to help you cope? I suffer from dizziness and vertigo so I know how debilitating it can be. Good luck in correcting the source of the problem.