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Re: Suggestions for First Doctor Visit?

Thanks for the reply and the support. Today was a tough day with half of my day spent doing research trying to prepare myself for future doctor's visits.

My biggest issue with the doctors is that I have Kaiser Permanente insurance, which full service. You have to have one of their doctors, and they're all pretty much the same (from what I can tell).

They have a limited number of O.Ds, most of whom are younger and most likely going to feel too inexperienced (such as the OD I just went to see) to treat me. However, I have gone through and found all of them within a 45 mile radius and will just have to start going through them.

I did email this new guy (OD, no endo) and ask if he could explore secondary hypo testing, so we'll see if he'll at least do that.

At least the experience told me that I need to make sure to be even MORE prepared when I see a doctor and make sure I can cite medical studies (am I back in college?) when they tell me things I know aren't true.