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Re: beta blockers reduce the heart rate

Originally Posted by pohjonen View Post
I spent Christmas in the hospital because I was having chest discomfort and a very fast, irregular heartbeat - that being 140 sitting still and quite high blood pressure as well. I was ultimately diagnosed with Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia and a Wandering Atrial Pacemaker. In other words, too many electrical impulses from different places telling my heart when to beat. I was put on metoprolol 75 mg twice a day. My blood pressure is normal now and my pulse is in the 80's (which is slow for what I am accustomed to, even when I was normal) and even goes into the 70's sometimes. I no longer have what was becoming the familiar sensation of my heart galloping along like a humming bird on crack. I am more comfortable then I have felt in years. The beta blocker is like a wonder drug for me. It's like coming off of a 15 year adrenalin rush. Or the short answer - YES.
I didn't have a good christmas and new years either. I have been having really bad palpiations since dec 6 (the day of my 4th attack). On dec 10, I went to local clinic and the doctor said it is anxiety and prescribed citalopram 10 mg. It had no effect. On dec 29, I went again and another doctor prescribed metoprolol 25 mg twice a day. I am taking half the amount and WOW, no more palpitations! I do feel weird at the chest level as usual but at least the palpitations are under control and my heart rate is in the 75-88 bpm range instead of 90-97 while sitting or just walking inside my house.

I can go for long walks. I can do things around the house. Perhaps one day, I can go back to work.