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Re: Chronic Fatigue?

I certainly agree with you. It is a very complicated . My opinion, the word 'symtom' . Maybe the correct term 'disease' would make it more understood and remove all the critics on this CFS. I also agree that I did not like the idea of connecting CFS to ME. Or, give it 'virus' CFV. Since there are a multitude of symptoms that occur with CF , symptoms, are too vague. Yet it is dreadful because of the effect it does to the body which changes all aspects of the person, mind, body, - life itself changes - you are no longer you. This has caused numerous other aspects of my life in regards to work and social and family which has caused many other conditions both mental and physical because I lost me. Thank you for your reply. I think we are more alike in our thinking, you just lost me with your terms . Susan