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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Originally Posted by margarita889 View Post
Hi everyone,

Good news from the OS, he said my thumb looks great and that the swelling was down much faster than normal-about a week ahead of schedule. So I am in my royal blue cast and two weeks away from a brace. When they did the x-rays and I moved my hand and also as the doctor put on the cast my thumb had absolutely no pain- so hurray!

He set my thumb way out, almost at an L, so although it is smaller than the dressing,I only have one coat to wear that fits over it and it is not warm enough. So tomorrow I will be out trying to find something cheap to wear for the next few weeks that I can cut open the sleeve and get my hand through.

We have had temperatures from 0 to 15 degrees F. at night and not much warmer during the day this week, and it will get worse as January continues. Who knows, maybe we will have another day off soon. My surgery date ended up being a snow day at school and we also get a day off when the temperature dips below -25F. Its too cold for the little ones to be out in the wind walking to school and the high schoolers that I teach (along with the faculty) would have a hard time getting their cars started after a day outdoors.

Brrrrr! Sleep warm!

Hi Linda,

Wonderful to hear your very good news. You are one of the lucky ones to be healing so fast without pain.Maybe its because of the cold weather you are having now?? (joke)

The L-shaped thumb setting is the norm. My hand was also set like this.
Hope you will find a warm coat to wear whilst your hand is covered with the cast & then with the brace.

Dont forget to keep your arm elevated above your heart, even whilst you sleep.

I wish you continued happy healing.