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Re: trying t get back my strength after tri-by-pass. energy just not there.

I think the Drs meant they felt there was nothing surgically they could do since the artery was so tight. But people with coronary artery disease get treated medically all the time. An aggressive medical regimen just means doing all they can with medication to help you. For example, there a number of meds that dilate, relax and open up the blood vessels to improve the blood flow to your heart. There are other meds that prevent blood clotting from occurring in the arteries, which is a cause of many heart attacks. There are the meds that lower cholesterol to slow the progression of placque buildup. So there are options to help you. Even if one of the arteries closes off (a heart attack), you can survive that most of the time if you get medical care immediately. I would agree that a second opinion might be worthwhile. It might be possible during cardiac cath for an artery dilating medication to be injected directly into the affected artery and while it is relaxed, get a stent in. It would depend somewhat on the placque itself, as some is softer (more fat) and some is harder (more calcium) that doesn't "give" easily. Your angiogram could be reviewed by another interventional cardiologist, those who do these procedures. Good luck, and I'm sorry you overheard such stressful conversations and your questions weren't answered. Living with fear and anxiety isn't good for your heart, so I would get established on medical treatment, seek a second opinion, and then go and enjoy your vacation. Think carefully about where you go, as being out of the country if you have a problem could really complicate matters.