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Re: Why wont my ear popping get better????

Originally Posted by jumpwomble View Post
Hi there,
The doctor is probably right - ETD/ear popping can be caused by TMJ dysfunction. It's not necessarily a bad thing, because once they diagnose you and figure out what to do to treat you (most of the time, you don't need any invasive treatment to get better) then you'll resolve your annoying ear symptoms. Your ear/eustachian tube is closely connected to your jaw joint so any problems with the joint can cause the ear to manifest weird pressure symptoms, like your ears feel stuffy, won't pop etc. Your doctor should be able to rule out allergies beforehand. It's actually a good thing that you're getting evaluated for TMJD. You're a step closer to getting it sorted out.
So all mri's are back and they found some swelling in my nasal area, my allergy tests came back positive for allergy to dust, and I do not have tmj or if i did it's gone. I wear a night guard once a week, face pain is gone. That ear popping is still there! I went to a flower healer today she says it's a device that I have thoughts from my past preventing....I stopped listening. I really think I need to try this ear popper. It's a 200 dollar machine that I need a prescription for. My ent doesn't use these and he is hesitant my ear thing will get worse. Wants to try acid reflux medicine for 2 months? Even though I don't have acid reflux that this sometimes opens tubes...the problem is i'm stil breast feeding and that medication is very srong. oh my.