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Re: Can someone tell me about fistula's?

I had a whipples 21 years ago (my 40th birthday present) butI do not recall having the fistula with the open wound. Not sure why this is the case but perhaps new technology requires this.
I also had the changes to the "plumbing system" with major changes to the stomach, loss of most of the pancreas etc etc. I was home after 13 days and back at work within another week. This was due to being positive all the time and doing everything I was told to do. I led a normal life.
Approx 8 years ago I had chronic pancreatitis and had to have a major pancreatectomy which took basically all of my remaining pancreas as well as gall bladder and spleen. This led to becoming a typel 1 insulin dependent diabetic.
The point of my comments are that this is major surgery which only 3-5% of us survive so your friend is in good company.
Life will be slightly different but no need to go into cotton wool stage or be scared. I have just developed agressive prostate cancer which I am finishing radiation and hormone treatment and I believe I will beat this with teh same positive attitude that has got me this afr. Life has been nearly nromal.