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Re: fear of not being dead but of dying...

Hi there from someone who can understand your horrible nightmare. I have let myself go. I used to take pride in what I wore, how my hair and makeup looked, etc. My constant fear of death and the dying process as well as health phobia that consumes me, has robbed me of all that. I do know what you mean. I am not afraid of the after-death afterall, I will be gone. It is the build up leading to it that frightens me. My dad died at home and I refused to go in the room with him. My mom and sister did and still cant get the images out of their heads. That absolutely scares me to death itself!! I cant even imagine what it was like, nor do I ever want to see anyone go through that, and of course myself included. I know we all have to die, I am just worrying myself sick over it all, just like you are doing.

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