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Question EP Study

I'm having last minute doubts about going through with an EP study.

I had palpitations in the past lasting about 20-30 seconds and I was told that my potassium level was low at the time (2.9). I since increased my potassium intake and with time all of those palpitations disappeared.

I wore a 2 day holter when my pottasium level was around 3.5 (borderline, but in range) and it picked up:

1) SVT during exercise. Heart rate reached 185 bpm when I was really pushing myself. No symptoms. I didn't even realize that anything was abnormal.
2) 7 beat NSVT during sleep (heart rate 65, NSVT @ 125) followed by a 3 beat NSVT a couple seconds later. Some PVCs and PACs also noted.

Hearing about the NSVT almost made me break down into tears. But I've heard that NSVT in structurally normal hearts is usually benign.

My EP said that a study was a "no brainer" in my case. But he also said that the VT could've been caused by low pottasium, and a "lag period" between increasing my pottasium and actually having my body adapt to it. He said he would mainly be doing the study for the SVT. But again, the SVT that the monitor picked up was completely asymptomatic, so I wonder what the big deal is about that...

My dilemma is that I have been getting more back to normal since increasing my pottasium even further. I feel like I have been palpitation free for a couple of months now. I still get unexplained chest pains and discomforts which no doctor has been able to diagnose yet. Another more recent holter didn't show any VT.

Do I still go through with the EP study? Once my primary care doctor saw the VT he was like "you have to do this", yet the EP himself seems more concerned with the SVT (but obviously he will try to induce both).

My EP study is set for Friday and I'm scared to death. Even more scared because I don't feel that it's 100% necessary. But I'm also scared not to do it. Will the VT come back? Did pottasium really cure it? Should I be afraid to exercise since it causes SVT which I don't even feel? Are any of the chest pains I've been having related to this? I just don't know.

I'm 28 years old. Never had any problems up until now. I appreciate any input. Thanks guys!

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