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Re: Can someone tell me about fistula's?

My first signs of the cancer was some pain but the timour blocked all the ducts etc and I just started turning jaundice as the system shut down. I was sent for biopsies and there was much tooing and frooing until the specialist ran his own biopsies and confirmed major damage.
Pancreatitis pain was very chronic. I have a very high pain threshold but this was terrible. I was in and out of the public hospital and no-one would do anything. I lost 13kg in 13 weeks and my GP finally said enough and sent me to an amazing surgeon who is a professor and teaches medicine as well. Once advised of the risks again we went ahead and all is good now. I have been fortunate to ahve some amazing dedicated people look after me so I was always keen to repay their efforts by doing everything they said I shoudl do and remain positive. It is hard but I beleive there is always someone worse off than you. It is the hand you are dealt for whatever reason and you must deal with it. Pity wont help. I have too much to do for this to beat me.