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Anyone else with long-time warts?

I first discovered HPV from my girlfriend at the time in 2005 who gave me genital warts in 2006 and broke up with me. I only had two small warts at the base and had them frozen off. Since, about every year and a half, I always get one at the same spot. I had one at the beginning of 2012 and routinely removed it. Oddly enough there was another wart somewhere else on my penis where I have never had one. The urologist didn't think it looked much like one but tried burning it off anyway, with no response. I visited a dermatologist who also wasn't exactly sure, but she tried freezing it off, and weeks later no response. I have never had issues getting rid of them before, and with this one appearing in a different spot, it has me worried. I know its unlikely to get penile cancer (500 HPV related US diagnosis a year or something like that), but I can't help but worry about it. I'm going back to the derm to ask for a biopsy and hopefully put my mind at ease.

Anyone else experience reoccurring warts after 5+ years? Does it get any better? Any males ever deal with HPV related cancer?

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