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Re: Emetophobia And Anxiety - Anyone Suffer From This

I can relate as well. I recently turned 21 and I have suffered from this since I was little but the last 7 years it has gotten worse. My family doctor sent me to a gastroenterologist because for some reason I always had the nauseated feeling the week before my period and the week after it plus whenever I was under stress, so he did a ultrasound and an upper GI. These tests showed that I had an irritated spot where the stomach went into the smaller intestine, so he said it sounded like it was IBS. He also had me go to the gynecologist to put me on birth control to see if the combination of the anti-anxiety meds and the birth control pills would help. At that time he said that because I was under stress in high school and that I have IBS and anxiety the IBS kicks in causing me to feel nauseated and then vicious cycle starts with having nausea problems and I start to panic because I freak out that I might throw up from the nausea. He first had prescribed paxil and that made me gain weight like crazy so trying to get off that and onto wellbutrin wasn't fun because my body was use to the paxil that it made me feel nauseated, so I had to take xanax when I started to feel crappy until I got use to the wellbutrin. Now on a daily basis I take wellbutrin in the morning along with trinessa 28 day pills (birth control) and amitriptyline at night, and I have the xanax along with zofran and phenergan (ani-nausea pills) for whenever I start panicking because the IBS flares up causing me to be nauseated. I'm embarrassed to say this, but sometimes if I am really having a hard time getting to sleep because I'm having one of my "episodes", I have my mom take me for a car ride because it was soothing and distracting to me that I calmed down and let the medicine start working. I recently found out that I am really sensitive to soaps, certain laundry detergent, and cheap toilet paper because they cause me to get urinary tract infections easily without knowing it because it doesn't always have that burning feeling when I pee for some reason, and this causes me to be nauseated sometimes and triggers me to start to freak out. I hate the winter season because I feel like I have become obsessed with worrying if I am going to get the stomach flu. This causes me to have days where I feel blah because I am stressed out over that worry. My mom is the same way as I am but not as severe. We have a ritual using hand sanitizer whenever we eat out because of being in public along with any store we go to. I also have problems when I go to get on ******** and I read people's posts about them or their kids "getting sick". It does suck that even though my mom hates anything to do with throwing up, she tells me to calm down and that I'm not going to throw up because it is just your nerves, or that I haven't been around anybody that has been sick...I hate when people say that because I feel like they have no clue how hard it is to calm down during one of these attacks because they really aren't in my shoes dealing with it. I had a huge panic attack in December to where I felt like I was going to pass out, so I ended up going into the emergency room. When I was there the nurse asked if I wanted to talk to someone about going to see a therapist and a psychologist to help learn how to cope with this phobia, so now I go weekly to a therapist and she has family that have IBS and other stomach/digestive disorders, so she can relate to my problems. She has told me to get on forums like this to read about other people's stories to help me have people to talk to about it and possibly get ideas of how to cope with anxiety, IBS, and this phobia.