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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Originally Posted by margarita889 View Post
Hi Haydena,

I'm glad you have you date set so soon. You have just enough time to get everything ready ahead, but not an excessive wait to sit around hurting. Here's hoping your tests come back on time.

I expect I will have my left hand done this summer. It is bone-on bone as well, but not as bad as the right until now. I am left handed, so doing it during the school year would be too difficult. I am really beating it up these last couple of weeks with the extra work it has to do. This week I am going to try to get an appointment with my rheumatologist for a cortisone shot to hopefully settle it down. It is really painful to hold a pen and term exams are on the 16th. I would like it doing better before I have to do all that correcting.

Good healing!

Hi Linda,

I was thinking about you having to correct those term exams. Do you need to write an explanation why the answer is wrong? If you only need to tick
(correct with a pen mark) could'nt you buy one of those stampers. I dont know the exact name, but they are used by doctors & other professionals, to sign their names etc. All you do is press them down on the paper. This would save you holding a pen & writing whilst saving yourself from the pain you get.

I have never had a cortisone injection & I know their effect is not long-lasting.
My surgeon never offered me this shot. If he would have I would have declined.

No way am I sitting around!! I dont carry heavy stuff in my right hand but do almost everything with it.
I am using my right hand as much as I can so that I dont loose too much muscle at the bottom of the thumb. My oesteopath told me when there is muscle loss, the healing process takes much longer.

Keep warm & continue with your great progress.