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Car wreck - Acromial morphology

I had a car wreck about 4 months ago. In the wreck ran into the door frame of my truck. I have a higher off the ground truck so the air bag did not deploy. She was a small car, I have a large sub (2500) she was able to knock me out of my lane from the impact (she ran a red light). She did about 4 grand of damage to the passenger side of my truck. I finally saw a orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago. I had a follow up today, but the doctor is out sick.

I did see the ER a day after the wreck. I had extremely limited motion... almost none. I had bruising on the side of my head and a really really bad earache (that lasted about 3 weeks). They did xrays, said I had a sprain and sent me on my way. I was told it would be better in 6-9 weeks. It wasn't.

I have had constant pain (dull achy with sharp jolts into the middle of my shoulder) my pain goes from the top of my shoulder and along where a shoulder pad would sit. The side that goes down my arm had constant sharp ache pain. I cannot sleep on that side, I have to sleep with it propped almost level to my side. Even then I do not get real sleep without constant pain. This is my dominet hand, now my non dominet arm is the stronger of the two. It hurts do do EVERYTHING. I do have most full range of motion, but it is not without a strong sharp pains. I cannot even put a bag on the shoulder - tee shirts hurt it I cannot use my dominet arm for almost anything.

I had an MRI done. Seemingly all it talked about was a Type ll acromial morphology. I have done a little googling -- seems to be a type of impingement.

Can anyone tell me something?

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