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Re: having sex after having NONE in quite awhile...

Susanna... I know how this could be scary. I'm on the other side of the fence but extremely understanding. I found a couple of extremely popular free dating sites and for 2 years met MANY women online and in person. Here's my observation. Physically, it was no big problem. Most all the women tended to have emotional issues as we all do after finding ourselves suddenly alone. Many are very untrusting but there were some who just wanted sex and didn't care if I cared about them or not. I find that without an emotional connection the sex is very unsatisfying though the momentary pleasure is okay. Physically, if there has been no penetration for quite a while your fist time could be painful. So, go slow, take the lead and be aroused and lubricated (preferably by natural means). It can be a great experience. Honestly, I found that I met a much higher quality of ladies online than I did when I went to bars or churches for a social experience... a.k.a. to pick up women. Beware of the kooks and idiots out there but give this question a shot in the forums on the free dating sites. If nothing else it could be very entertaining tho' you may get some really freaky answers.

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