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Re: Question about Schizophrenia medications (Clozaril and Haldol)

I have had schizo affective disorder for eleven years. When I was started on Clozaril my symptoms reduced greatly, but to maintain effectiveness the dose had to be increased. After five years the dose was at its maximum, so my psychiatrist added Haldol. A year later my symptoms returned. A new psychiatrist suggested a change from Clozaril to Latuda. Latuda is great! I have been on it for two months. Immediately after the med change friends and family noticed that I was a different person, and loved the changes they saw. It has made every aspect of my mental illness more manageable. I am still on a low dose of Haldol, but plan to end it completely.

Since the onset of schizo affective disorder I gained over hundred and sixty-five pounds. Most of the weight gain happened on Clozaril. During my time on Clozaril I developed diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and was sleeping ten to fourteen hours daily. Since the med change to Latuda I have lost over forty pounds. Mostly with no diet change and minimal exercise. My PCP has taken me off two cholesterol medicines, one diabetes medicine, and decreased the other diabetes medicine. Now I sleep seven to eight hours a night and feel great when I wake up.

Maybe Latuda or another newer atypical anti psychotic is a good choice. Everyone is different. Good luck finding something that works well.