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why is my nose popping?

When I exercise, get nervous, or turn my head just right my nose lets out popping noises as if there are air bubbles trying to get out. It's been doing this for two years or more. I have zero congestion. My nose will also begin to sting when I am sitting still watching tv, driving or sitting at computer. It also hurts a little when I breathe in. What reasons would a nose pop and have burning sensations? I was seen by two ENTs who found nothing wrong with my sinuses though a CT scan and probing.

I also have strange issues with pressure headaches in the back of my head and a burning left eye when I sit still. Nerve issue? Could the nose issue be related to my pressure headaches and burning eye?

I was seen by a rough chiropractor who actually gave me whiplash (I went through 2 months of physical therapy to correct daily migraines caused by him) before all of this started. Not sure if these things are related.

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