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Re: Low T at 25

Don't give up!

I'm 25 and was diagnosed last summer with low-T. My levels were 328, 140, and 250-ish.

I've been doing IM injections of testosterone, and I feel ALIVE! I no longer hate my life, and I know what you're talking about. Lethargy, lack of energy, loss of mental sharpness, feeling weak... I dealt with all of that.
I'm worried about my fertility after 6 months of shots, and I'm still trying to find a Dr. who will actually use clomid or HCG for me.

First off, DO NOT start any hormones until you've been thoroughly tested to find out what the cause is. Hormone therapy will screw up every last lab you do. The ones we care about anyway.

As for the big swing - blood draws for testosterone testing MUST be done before 9am. As close to 7am as possible is ideal. A healthy man's testosterone will swing from its peak (say 900 for fun) to half of that in the afternoon (down to around 400-500).

Regardless of what anyone says, your testosterone should be above 500. The "normal" range is not based on age, and the data for the range is including men from 15 to 95. A level of 334 ng/dl is found in the lowest 5% of men between 35-40 years old. You should be closer to 650, which is double that.

Anyway, the important thing to find out is - do you have primary or secondary hypogonadism? What's to blame?
If you have primary hypogonadism, your testicles don't produce sufficient testosterone because they can't.
If you have secondary hypogonadism, your testicles don't produce sufficient testosteorne because they're not being told to with proper hormones.

This is important because it dictates what treatment you should get. If you have Primary Hypogonadism, you have no alternative to TRT besides refusing treatment.

If you have secondary, it can be from a few different causes. You can differentiate these causes via hormone testing. Pituitary damage (or malfunction) can cause a lack of other hormones too, so low-T can be the tip of the iceberg and you can be deficient in 5 or 6 important hormones.

Get the urologist to run an anterior pituitary hormone panel to make sure your pituitary functions normally. Your LH level is the most important in relation to your testosterone production.

So, you need to:
-Find out why your testosterone is low ( <500-600 is low for your age)
-*This includes finding a doctor who will run tests - an endocrinologist might be the best bet
-*This also includes waiting a few weeks to have things checked
-*You might also want a sperm analysis done to make sure your fertility is not already compromised
-Find a Dr. who will treat you with something beyond testosterone, be it HCG or clomid
-Start treatment
-Get back to life - it's possible!!

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