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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Linda- Glad to hear you are healing so quickly! I hope the cortisone shot brings you long-time relief! I had about 10 days of relief (basal joint) when they gave me the shot. I had cortisone shot in my wrist last year and that is still working fine.
Haydena- Wish you well on your upcoming surgery! The 28th is when I (finally) see my ortho. will be thinking of you!

Last Saturday, I was able to put my wedding rings back on! I guess the swelling is completely gone Also, today I was able to put on earrings with both hands. I actually held an earring backing in my left hand using my thumb! As much as I try not to use my left hand for anything, i find it very difficult. If they didn't want me to use my hand at all, then they should have put me back in a cast. Even when I feel like I have overused my hand, I feel fine in the long run. Sometimes at night my hand will throb, but I really don't take anymore pain relievers. So far, I am satisfied with my progress. There are still some tasks that are frustrating...folding laundry, doing dishes, removing dinner from the oven, etc...but I really shouldn't complain. Still wearing the splint at all times except when I shower.

Take care ladies!!!