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Re: Perioral dermatitis not going away


I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis last year, I was put on Tetralysal for 3 months which completely cleared the rash. Then 7 months later, it reappears.

I have again been put on Lymecycline, but it did not seem to be working this time so I researched on the internet and had a go at trying a plain natural yoghurt face mask, I slather loads of this yoghurt on my face and leave it for an hour or so and wash off. I find this soothes my skin and takes away the redness of the bumps. I have also bought some Cetaphil face wash which is very gentle on my skin and does not irritate it further, and I also put on Canesten anti fungal (NOT HYDROCORTISONE) cream on the affected areas twice a day (Morning and night). I wear as little makeup as possible (only cover up on bad areas) and touch wood, my rash has almost disappeared. I have only been doing this for the last week and it has all helped tremendously. I am not sure which of the products I am using is having the most effect but I am going to carry on with all of them in the hope I will be rash free before long