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Dizzines & Tiredness, Blocked Nose

I've had a blocked nose for about 1 year now, I've tried various things and nothing, went to the doctor who said my nose looked sore and narrow so I'm booked into the ENT, but the NHS keep moving my appointment and getting furthur and furthur away.

Right now my nose isn't blocked but feel it's a bit stuffy, but for a few months alswell now. I've had this dizziness feeling, if I'm dead still and look around with my eyes everything is okay, but if I move my head a bit it goes odd, and it's almost like I have to open my eyes up again and they close a little.

In my left ear I'm getting some vibrations inside, like a roaring noise, when I as younger I had a perforated ear drum and always had excessive wax building up, but when they checked last it seemed clear they said.

Whats so hard is with my feeling could that be sinus related? inner ear tube infection (I don't have any discharge) or could it even be caused by neck pain at the back? That's another thing I've been looking into.

Seems like I might find something then it's something else.

It's gone on so long now I'm starting to think of something more sinister

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