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Re: Basal Joint surgery

Originally Posted by margarita889 View Post
Hi Haydena,

Thanks for the suggestion' but I have to write more than that. And I'm afraid holding a stamp would be just as bad-my thumb hurts just holding a pen, not just when I write. I will be getting a cortisone shot on Friday morning before school. My rheumatologist put in an extra appointment before his regular hours to fit me in. This will the first shot in the left and I have generally had good luck with them, at least the first one. The first one in the right gave me a year of relief.

No, you don't sound like someone who ever sits still, just like me, I meant the annoying waiting in pain when you really want to have it over and done and start to heal.

I have a new task for tonight-filing down my cast. When the cast was put on it was with my hand up, but when my hand is down the thumb of the cast rubs on the healing scar from the cut. So I called and the nurse gave me an okay to do a little adjusting. What an exciting evening (not!).

Have a great tomorrow.

Hi Linda,

I am giggling here after I read your post & picture you(in my mind) sawing away at your cast!! I hope you managed to file it down & are more comfy now.

For some insane reason my right hand which needs the surgery is less painful.
I really dont know why as I am using it as much as I can. Maybe I am getting used to the pain? (no need for an answer!) I am still able to lift & hold my 5 month old delightful grandbaby girl, of course using both my hands.

Great that you were able to get an appointment with your rheumy for Friday.
I didnt know that a cortisone shot lasts 1 year, I thought much less.

Let us know how you managed with the filing!!

Happy healing.