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Re: Desperately need help...

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I have been having swallowing difficulties for a year now. I was already underweight when the problem started, 115 pounds, and over the last year I have never been able to eat enough to get back above that weight. I am only 108 pounds now, and despite eating 2100 calories a day on average, my weight is dropping. It is a terrible struggle to get even this many calories in per day. When I swallow, I feel great pressure as the food goes down, as if everything is huge, and it feels as if the muscles in or around my throat contract or spasm shut when swallowing. Particles of food get stuck on the way down, sometimes causing me to cough them up. Barium swallow tests showed no problem (except a little food getting hung up...isn't any food getting hung up a bad thing?) so doctors have persisted in treating it as anxiety driven and psychological. Against my intuition I took antidepressants and anxiety medication, only to have things become terribly worse. Between these drugs and the bad experience with them, the dangerously low weight, and the inability to get any relief, the last year has left me too weak to even take care of myself, and over the last couple months have begun having serious cognitive issues. My dad had to quit his job to take care of me, and he is burned out. Recently my throat spasmed shut to where I could not even get my saliva down, and had to keep coughing it up. Liquids were backing up in the throat. We went to the ER for this, and were turned away because I was able to get half a cup of water down. I need help badly, and do not know where to get it. Does anyone out there know where I can go to get some help? Is there anywhere out there where one can go to get help eating and recover from this? To say I am desperate is an understatement, as it is getting to the point where I cannot function. As a side note, I do have an endoscopy scheduled. I had one before that showed only a little acid irritation. Sorry for the long post, thank you for reading.
I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling like this. Have you been to a GI doctor? Have you had an endoscopy or manometry study? It's good that they did a barium swallow, but the other studies are helpful as well. I don't have any answers, but I wanted to reply to you and tell you that I can sympathize. Hopefully the endoscopy gives you some answers. Not being able to swallow is awful. I would recommend seeing a GI doctor if you haven't all ready.