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Re: What is wrong with my immune system!

Hi Izzy:
I'm sorry you're not feeling well. In some states, you can go to the Emergency Room at your local hospital, and they usually do a whole workup on a person. They may discharge you with a referral to a regular doctor, but at least you could have your blood drawn and they could test to eliminate some basic things. The reason why I say to go to the ER is because most hospitals have a charity care program where if you don't have a job or make much money, they will give you a discount, or won't make you pay most of the bill. I would call and talk to their financial counselor first to see if they even have this program before going in. Also there may be some low income walk in clinics, which you could call first and get rates and find out about discounts. The thing is, you don't want to let this go on without getting it checked, because there is something wrong. You may be experiencing an allergic reaction to something in your house such as mold, it could be an inflammatory disease or it may be something more serious. Also talk to your regular doctor. Sometimes they are willing to work with you on billing charges and will help you if they feel you are seriously ill. Some will let you make a small monthly payment. And if they're not willing to work with you, get another doctor who will. Ask first how much a new patient counsult with lab fees will be. Also if you pay at the time of service some docs will give you a 10-20% discount.
Meantime,if you can, eliminate junk food and all sugars and gluten from your diet. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins and take Vitamin C and a good multivitamin. Make sure your living area is clean and free of toxins. This will help your immune system. These suggestions may not help you if you have a serious condition, but it may make you feel a little better till you can get to a doctor, but you shouldn't wait too long to get to one.
Hope this helps, K.

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